Painting Prayer Art Studio

 was opened in 2006.  It was built by my husband Dan.  He was inspiried by God to build it at a time I only only painted the 'DOVE OF FIRE' painting.  The studio quickly became a place where others and myself would come to "Listen and Move", in the Holy Spirit.  Since painting for me started when I turned 50, I believed others too could be inspired to paint if they chose to set aside time for "Our Father" to speak while they were listening.  It didn't matter if they had ever painted or not.  Jesus said, He makes all things new.  That includes gifts and talents we don't even know we have. When we were filled with the Word of God, and familiar with it when we listened while painting we could be moved in our hearts, minds and hands by the Holy Spirit.  God is FAITHFUL TO SPEAK TO US when we purpose ourselves to

 "Be Still and Know He is God.   

 Vickie Conde

Justin Bowen (Photographer)

© Vickie Conde 2013